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BITS 'N' PIECES - June 5th, 1999

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Congratulation to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Rolling Thunder - on another terrific run, to call attention to the issue of our POW/MIAs. To Artie Muller and everyone at Rolling Thunder, we at the National Alliance of Families, thank you for your continued support and efforts on behalf of our Prisoners of War and Missing in Action.

During Our Trip To D.C. - we spent two days in the Library of Congress, pulling several hundred pages of documents. Those documents are still being reviewed. Several present potentially interesting information. We hope to share this information with you in future editions of "Bits N Pieces."

It's That Time, Again - Next week we head for Washington D.C. to prepare for our Annual POW/MIA Forum. This will be our 10th year. We've come a long way since our first meeting at the National Press Club. But, we are not where we want to be. We want to be out of business. That's our goal, to be out of business.

We will reach our goal when our live POWs are home; we have a truthful accounting of the missing; and CIL-HI stops their creative identifications. Till then, we will continue to be in their faces, challenging the lies and demanding the truth.

Join us - Thursday, June 17th at 7 P. M., at the Wyndham (formerly Sheraton) Center City Hotel, 1143 New Hampshire N.W. Washington D.C. (same as last year.) Our meetings will continue Friday, June 18th and Saturday June 20th. It's is not too late to make reservation and get the special Alliance rate of $105.00 per night. To make your reservation call 800-526-7495 or 202-775-0800. Remember to say you are with the Alliance.

Our full agenda is not yet finalized - confirmed for Thursday evening is Dr. Timothy Castle, author of "One Day Too Long," which details the fall of Lima Site 85 and the 31 years of lies endured by the families of the men missing from Site 85. This book is a must read. In addition to Dr. Castle, we plan to have an interesting assortment of guest speakers.

Remember, our meetings are open to the public at no charge.

Message from Dolores Alfond and Lynn O'Shea - We would like to thank all those who made this years forum possible. After our 1998 Forum, we were $6,000 in debt and this years forum was in serious jeopardy. In fact, our very survival was in doubt. A situation that no doubt caused great celebration, in CERTAIN government offices.

Last September, we issued a distress call, asking do you want the Alliance to survive? Your response was overwhelming. Thanks to individual and group efforts we were able to retire our debt and fund this years forum. To all who made that possible, we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU.

We survived this year, with your help. We will need your continued help to continue the fight.

The National Alliance of Families is an ALL VOLUNTEER nonprofit organization. We are dependent upon public donations. Your continued contributions are needed to keep the Alliance going. Donations may be mailed to:

National Alliance of Families

P.O. Box 40327

Bellevue, Wa. 98015

Remember all contributions are tax deductible.

Servicemen Accounted For - The Defense Department announced the identification of remains of Capt. Robert A. Holt, of Reading, Ma. and Capt. John A. Lavoo, of Pueblo Co. Both men were members of the U.S. Marine Corp, lost September 19, 1968 over Quang Binh Province, North Vietnam.

According to the DPMO Weekly Update, dated June 4th, 1999 - "Anthropological analysis of the remains and other evidence by the U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii confirmed the identification of those of these servicemen." No mention was made as to the use of mt-DNA in this identification process.

Why Does Johnie Webb Still Have A Job?

Speaking of mt-DNA - according to the same DPMO Weekly Update, "The armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFD-IL) was recently certified by the American Society of CRIME Laboratory Directors recognized as the leading agency in forensic laboratory accreditATion....."

"...Both the nuclear and the mitochondrial DNA laboratories at AFDIL were accredited during the inspection by the society. AFDIL's mitochondiral section was the first such laboratory in the U.S. to receive this prestigious accreditation..."

Obviously, the subject of the supposed identification of Mark Judge never came up. Nor, did the fact that there is an mt-DNA lab that has successfully extracted mt-DNA from cremated remains. Yet, DPMO claims AFDIL can not extract mt-DNA from burnt remains.

From Reuters Finland - "HELSINKI, - A group of Finns will go to Vietnam in July to exhume the remains of their countryman, U.S. Army Captain Larry Thorne, who was portrayed by John Wayne in the 1968 film "The Green Berets." Thorne, born in Finland as Lauri Torni, died in 1965 when his helicopter was downed on a U.S. special forces mission over the jungle.

The wreckage was found recently by Army investigators, and the Finnish expedition hopes to bring home his remains, their spokesman said Friday. "If we actually find his remains, we will hold a proper funeral in Finland," said Juha Rajala, Thorne's nephew, who will take part in the expedition along with four other Finns. Thorne became a legend in Finland for the bravado with which he led a crack company of guerrilla fighters resisting the Soviet Red Army's onslaught in 1944.

He signed on with the U.S. Army special forces in the early 1950s after leaving Finland. For years after his disappearance in Vietnam he was rumored to be alive, fueling the legend of an exceptional soldier and adventurer, said biographer Kari Kallonen.

He said any recovered remains will be taken to a U.S. Army laboratory in Hawaii to try to confirm that they belong to Thorne.

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