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BITS 'N' PIECES - November 20, 1999

Dolores Apodaca Alfond

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"In War The First Casualty Is Truth"

The National Alliance of Families mourns the passing of Teri Rios Versace, mother of POW Humberto "Rocky" Versace. Capt. Versace, member of the 5th Special Forces Group, was captured in September 1963, and executed by the Viet Cong in October 1965, while in a POW camp. Vietnam has yet to return his remains. Services for Mrs. Versace were held at Arlington National Cemetery on Nov. 12th. To the Versace family we offer our deepest sympathy.

Servicemen Accounted For Vietnam - From the Defense POW/MIA Weekly Update Nov. 9, 1999 - "The remains of seven American servicemen previously unaccounted-for from Southeast Asia have been identified and are being returned to their families for burial in the United States." "They are identified as Major Thomas H. Amos, USAF, of Springfield, Mo.; Captain Mason I. Burnham, USAF, of Portland, Ore; Sergeant First Class William S. Stinson, US Army, of Georgiana, Ala.; and four other servicemen. Their names are not being released at the request of their families."

Servicemen Accounted for World War II - From the Dept. of Defense - MEMORANDUM FOR CORRESPONDENTS November 17, 1999 - "Remains of eight U.S. Navy sailors who were missing in action from World War II have been identified and are being returned to their families for burial in the United States."

"They are identified as Lt. Maurice S. Smith, Lodi, Calif.; Ensign Edward W. Riepl, Herndon, Kan.; Petty Officer 1st Class Clifford M. Pindell, Washington, D.C.; Petty Officer 1st Class James W. Pearson, Alliance, Neb.; Petty Officer 2nd Class William R. Pipes, Chickasha, Okla.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Merlin J. Rich, Wheeler Township, Mich.; Petty Officer 1st Class William H. Osborne, Martinsville, Va.; and Petty Officer 2nd Class Vernon H. Stolz, Saginaw, Mich."

Plumadore/Judge/Berry/???/??? Update - mt-DNA tests were conducted on remains identified in 1967, as PFC Mark Judge. According to the Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab, test results conclude that the remains are actually William Berry. Regular readers of "Bits 'N Pieces" know the inaccuracies of mt-DNA testing. Regular readers also know how mt-DNA testing was manipulated to conclude that remains returned by the Vietnamese, in 1986, were Mark Judge. (For more on this subject visit our website at

"In War The First Casualty Is Truth"

On Saturday November 20th, family and friends will gather at Concorde Gardens Cemetery, in Fort Wayne Indiana to bury remains CIL-HI 0048-86, designated by the United States Government as Marine PFC Mark Warren Judge.

Long time readers of "Bits 'N' Pieces," know the story of misidentification, and exhumations and of the battles fought over the last 5 years, by Mary Judge Jellison, Mark's Mother, and Patricia Plumadore, sister of POW/MIA L/Cpl. Kenneth Plumadore. (For readers wishing to catch up on the Plumadore/Judge/Berry/?????/????? case, you can visit our website at

In the last two years, Mrs. Jellison has been continually harassed by the Marine Corp, and threatened with lawsuits. No lawyer would take her case. The so called "independent" DNA labs refused to conduct tests involving this case, citing "conflict of interests." The media, after initial interest in the first exhumation, refused to become involved in this case. The only exposure this case received was through periodic reports in "Bits 'N' Pieces." Sadly, our efforts to generate public support for the Judge-Jellison and Plumadore families were unsuccessful. Mrs. Jellison was able to get one scientist to conduct a photo super-imposition, on the remains she belevies are her son's. While the results would not stand up in court, the doctors conclusion that the skull was "more Mark than Berry."

With all options exhausted, Mrs. Jellison allowed mt-DNA testing on the remains she believe to be her son. The government, however, never met any of the three requests made by Mrs. Jellison. Her request were simple. She wanted all records on CIL-HI 0048-86 generated from the time of their return in 1986. Records provided by the government start in 1989. She also requested independent mt-DNA testing on both CIL-HI 0048-86 and the remains she believes are her son's.

When this battle started Mary said, that if a time came when all avenues had been exhausted and there was no alternative, she would, in her words "give the CIL-HI remains a home." It should be remembered that CIL-HI 0048-86, whoever he is, died as a Prisoner of War, unacknowledged by the United States government.

So, on Saturday November 20th, 1999, CIL-HI 0048-86, a still unidentified American Serviceman, with a 1 in 64 chance of actually being Mark Judge, gets a home and a Mom. The government has offered no conclusive evidence to prove CIL-HI 0048-86 is Mark Judge. No forensic evidence exists to support the identification.

We spoke, at length with Mary Jellison in the evening of November 17th. She told us, "I'd like to believe the CIL-HI remains are Mark's, but in my heart I don't. I still think I had Mark all along and I gave him up. This will never be over for me because I'll never know."

There will be a full Military funeral, complete with Marine Corp. Band, and dignitaries from Washington De Ceit. Mary agreed to this, because in her words; " this poor boy never had a funeral. He deserves the honor."

She ended by saying;

"There is no closure for me...

The Marine Corp has closure but I don't."

We are sure that CIL-HI, AFDIL and Marine Corp. Command, representatives are congratulating themselves on their "victory." Quite simply, they beat a sick, elderly woman into submission. It must be a real proud day for them.

It should be noted that remains, originally identified as Mark Judge in 1967, now rest in a California grave as William Berry. In the casket, is a single rose and an American flag, from the woman who believes in her heart that she is his mother.

"In War The First Casualty Is Truth"

In mid - 1992, Pat Plumadore posed a series of questions to the Marine Corp. One of those questions regarded the possible wartime mis-identification of remains. The response came in the form of memo the from Central Identification Laboratory - Hawaii. The memo stated "Nothing was detected during the examination of the available files to suggest a mistake was made in the identification process. When additional records are received we will carefully review them from this aspect." This memo was dated 29 October 1992 and signed by Johnie "why does this man still have a job" Webb.

In Sept. 1994, the families were summoned to Washington De Ceit and told of a possible wartime mis-identification. This conclusion was based on the exact same records, used to reassure Pat Plumadore, in 1992, that "Nothing was detected during the examination of the available files to suggest a mistake was made in the identification process."

Why does Johnie Webb still have a job?

To the CIL-HI, AFDIL and Marine Corp. representative involved in the webb of lies, our wish to you is that when you leave this world, to meet your maker, you find St. Peter waiting for you at the Pearly Gates. And, if they are dead as you say, may you find Kenny Plumadore at St. Pete's left and Mark Judge at his right. It is our most sincere wish that St. Peter allows Kenny and Mark to tell you where to go.

In conversation with Pat Plumadore, she stated "I am disgusted with the Marine Corp and how they treated Mary and her family. I have come to love them, as I love my own family. The hardest part is knowing after all the pain and heartache Mary went through, she still does not have the resolution and closure that we were praying she would reach. She will always wonder about her son, as I wonder about my brother. Nothing has changed. I still don't know where my brother is and Mary doesn't know where Mark is."

Here are a few of the reasons Why we can't be sure CIL-HI 0048-86 is Mark Judge.

The Teeth -

14 September 1992 - "Dental Summary: CIL-HI 0048-86 Forensic Odontology Section U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii - "...The dental record of LCpl. Plumadore was compared to the remains and could be excluded. The mortuary files and available antemortem dental records of the remaining fourteen other Marines involved in this incident (listed killed, body recovered) were examined and compared to the remains of CILHI 0048-86. No records of any of the Marines in this incident matched the dental remains of CILHI 0048-86."

8 September 1994 - Forensic Odontology Report: CILHI 0048-86 U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory - signed by LTC William K Mayher "...In my opinion, the dental remains designated CILHI 0048-86 are those of: Judge, Mark Warren."

The Teeth - did they match or didn't they - "In War The First Casualty Is Truth"

The mt-DNA Testing -

13 July 1994 - Memo from Patricia P Hickerson Brigadier General, U.S. Army, Adjutant General "Due to unique circumstances, it is requested that CIL-HI be granted a one-time exception to the use of mtDNA analysis as the primary means of identification in the case of CILHI 0048-86."

7 August 1998 - Letter from Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Affairs, Robert L. Jones - "Scientists count on the power of mtDNA typing to provide the necessary supporting evidence to make an identification in conjunction with many other factors. MtDNA is not used as the primary or sole means of identification."

Mt-DNA testing the primary or sole means of identification for CIL-HI 0048-86 - Yes.. No...

"In War The First Casualty Is Truth"

mT-DNA Testing - The Results

17 October 1994 - Department of Defense Armed Forces Institute of Pathology - "The mtDNA sequence information obtained from AFDIL Specimens 01A (Skull,) 02A (R. Ulna,) 03A (R. Humerus) and 04A (R. Femur) and AFDIL Reference Specimens 05A (Mrs. Jellison) and 06A (Mrs. Jellison's daughter) is identical in the overlapping regions...."

"Mitochondrial DNA sequence information obtained from AFDIL Specimens 03A and 04A is identical to AfDIL Reference Specimens 05A (Mrs. Jellison) and 06A (daughter) in the overlapping regions. This information supports the identification of the questioned remains as maternal relating to Mary R. Jellsion..."

21 March 1997 - Department of Defense Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Office of Legal Counsel - "...In addition, given the position of 16354 in the sequence for sample 01A (Skull) should be designated an "N", a new database search was performed, and 64 of 741 sequences matched. Thus, this significantly decrease the weight of the match between 01A and the Jellison family references..."

The unique sequences of mother and son in 1994 became, in 1997, a match to 64 other individuals in the database. In AFDIL's own words "this significantly decreases the weight of the match between 01A (Skull) and the Jellison family references." Yet, CIL-HI and the Marine Corp continued to maintain that the identification of CIL-HI 0048-86 as Mark Judge was a positive identification. The database used by AFDIL was made up of reference samples from POW/MIA families and from the FBI's criminal database.

21 January 1998 - From the POW/MIA Weekly Update, - "The Department of Defense is reviewing information relating to the interment of remains of a Vietnam War unknown at the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetery."

"The review will determine if there is sufficient credible evidence to make a recommendation on two key questions: 1) does current science enable us, with confidence to take steps that could help identify the remains in the Tomb; and 2) do the circumstances surrounding the loss incident of the individual possibly believed to be interred in the Tomb of the Unknowns warrant mitochondrial DNA testing? DPMO officials have stated that this review will be done in a measured, methodical manner, to ensure the decisions carefully weigh the competing interests of our commitment to the families of the missing, and the sanctity of the Tomb as hallowed ground, and the ability of DNA testing to identify remains once considered unidentifiable."

With that statement DPMO called into question the ability of mt-DNa testing to make a positive identification. Over the last several years, we would estimate 80% to 90% of the identifications made were based on mt-DNA testing. Many of those identifications were on remains previously considered unidentifiable. Yet, the ability to identify the "Unknown" was questioned."

CIL-HI 0048-86 - Unique mt-DNA match to Mary Judge Jellison... Matches 64 samples in the database....

"In War The First Casualty Is Truth"

What Happened To The Remains Exhumed From The California Grave Originally Identified As William Berry - To our knowledge, they remain at CIL-HI as unidentified. Are they the remains of another of the Marines from "Operation Kingfisher?" Or, are they, as Pat Plumadore suspects, the remain of one of the 25 + servicemen lost in two airplane incidents, on Oct. 3rd and Oct. 8th, 1967. evidence exists to support this theory.

The identification of CIL-HI 0048-86 as Mark Judge is highly questionable. We've given you the truth. We supported that truth with documentation. CIL-HI, the Marine Corp., and AFDIL presented one misrepresentation after another, along with several outright lies.

We told the truth. They lied and the liars won.

"In War The First Casualty Is Truth"

The National Alliance of Families Eleventh Annual Forum is scheduled for June 22th - 24th, 2000, at the Wyndham Hotel, Washington D.C. (same as last year.) Room rates are $105.00 per night. Contributions are needed to finance our forum. Donations may be mailed to: National Alliance of Families, P.O. Box 40327, Bellevue, Wa. 98015. Remember all contributions are tax deductible.

We, at the National Alliance of Families, wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, a Happy Chanukkah, a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year. May your holidays, be filled with love and joy. As we remember those absent and pray for their return, let us also give thanks for those present, who support us in our daily struggle.

Happy Holidays

Dolores and Lynn

"Thus saith the Lord; Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears; for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the Lord: and they shall come again from the land of the enemy; and there is hope in thine end, saith the Lord, that thy children shall come again to their own border." -

JereMIAh 31:16--17:

This is the last edition of "Bits 'N' Pieces" - 1999

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