May 7, 1984

Dear Mrs. Hart:

I very much appreciate hearing the League's views on the interment of an Unknown serviceman from the Vietnam era. Throughout our deliberations, we have maintained that our first obligation was to the families themselves. We resisted Congressional and veterans group pressure to rush the process, thus ensuring integrity for the families.

Our commitment to the issue of American servicemen prisoner or missing in Vietnam will not be diminished, but will be strengthened by the interment mandated by Congressional law. We fully intend the ceremony to be one that not only honors our brave men who served in Southeast Asia, but addresses the haunting unknown question -- the fate of our men still missing.

I hope the League will find it is in their interest, as I believe it is to join us in an act of national unity that will spark greater public awareness that the Vietnam War is not behind us without the fullest possible accounting for our men.


Mrs. Ann Hart

Vice Chairman

National League of Families

of American Prisoners and

Missing in Southeast Asia

1608 K Street N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20006

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