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POW Network

Largest collection of biographies on Vietnam POW/MIAs. These bios contain the most accurate information available on circumstances of loss. This site also houses the "Operation Smoking Gun" collection. Debuting on the World Wide Web on June 20, 1996, this collection contains over 1,400 documents for your viewing. This site is a valuable research resource.

Abandoned in Place

The Men We Left Behind and the Untold Story of Operation Pocket Change - The Joint Special Operations Command Planned Rescue of american POWs in Laos Six Years after the End of the Vietnam War. Based on previously unseen documents, abandoned in Place details the plan to rescue POWs held in Laos in 1981.

Library of Congress

the POW/MIA searchable data base. You can use this data base to browse descriptions of documents held by the LOC. Many of these documents are now available online. For items not online, microfilm reels may be sent to your local library though the Inter Library Loan Program.

American Trophies: How US POWs Were Surrendered to North Korea, China and Russia by Washington's "Cynical attitude"

Book Exposes Truth after Years of Denial Previously Secret History, Documents and Insider Info How Pyongyang, Beijing and Moscow Thumb Noses at america Plus Disturbing Mismanagement and Waste at Pentagon.

Beyond the Killing Fields

For over two decades, author and columnist Sydney Schanberg has written about the POW/MIA issue. This web page features his many writings on the subject.

American POWs Kept Behind after the Korean War. What Happened to Them?

New site devoted to the issue of our unreturned Korean War POWs. This site is the project of noted researcher and author Mark Sauter.

Keeping the Promise alive.

Where is Harry Moore? Shot down June 1, 1951 during the Korean War, his family thought Harry died in the crash. In 2002, the Department of the air Force informed the Moore family there was new information on Harry. Interviews with former Soviet officers suggest Moore survived the crash, and was sent to the former Soviet Union. "Keeping the Promise alive" is Harry's story and the story of his family's efforts to learn his fate.

Korean War Project

The most complete database of Korean War POW/MIAs. In our opinion, one of the best sites on the internet.

Korea-Cold War Families of the Missing

An all volunteer advocacy group of Korean and Cold War family members and concerned citizens seeking answer on our POWs and MIAs lost during the Korean and Cold Wars.


In 1992, the authenticator Code of Major Peter Matthes was picked up on satellite imagery outside the Dong Vei Prison in Vietnam. The U.S. government responded to that call for help by burying Major Matthes and his crew mates. Buried with no remains and no evidence, this case is another example of the USG's creative accounting. Today his family continues to ask... where is Major Matthes. This site is a MUST see.

The National Ex-Prisoner of War association

Promote the welfare of those who during service with United Kingdom or allied Forces were made Prisoner of War. Renew that spirit of comrade-ship known only between Prisoners of War.

Wisconsin POW-MIA Balloon Launch

10,000 POW-MIA Black Balloons Will Be Released On Memorial Day 2011. You don't want to miss this tribute.

Site 85

If you are looking for documentation, and photos regarding the fall of Lima Site 85, this is the place to go. a great web site.

Pacific Wrecks Database

Excellent resource for World War II air losses and recoveries.

International Committee for the Rescue of KaL 007 Survivors

What Happened to the Crew and Passengers of KaL Flight 007?

Ted Guy's Hanoi

a truly inspiring site. Testimonials from former POWs as well as POW Camp maps, overflight views of the POW camps and diagrams of the layout of the camps and prison cells.

Rolling Thunder National

Rolling Thunder ®, Inc.'s major function is to publicize the POW/MIa issue. To help correct the past and to protect the future veterans from being left behind should they become prisoners of war-missing in action.

The Ride Home

Honoring american POWs and MIas, Sponsored by Rolling Thunder Florida and Georgia Chapters.

World War II Veterans Organizations

Updates on the World War II Memorial and other information of interest to our World War II vets.