Bits 'N' Pieces 1996

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National Alliance of Families

For the Return of America's Missing Servicemen

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Welcome to Bits N Pieces, the newsletter of the National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing Servicemen. Please note that any and all information contained on our pages are available for downloading and distribution. In fact, we encourage it.

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The Final Bits for 1996. Dornan Looses. . .Nixon comes back to haunt us. . .How much does 2 and 2 equal? . .Our Readers Helped us Find. . .Help find another. . .Some Year-End Thoughts.

We are holding our breath hoping that Congressman Dornan is successful. . .How early do the networks declare the victors?. . .Your Tax Dollars at Work Funding Big Business. . .Plausible or not?. . .We need your help in our effort to Look for. . .

Blast from the past. . .Walk the Walk. . .Family Members/Activist recover. . .And the Rest of the Story is. . .Remains Identified. . .1997 NAF Forum. . .

which discusses the medals that are hanging on John Kerry's Senate office wall. . .Did he or didn't he throw them over the White House fence. . .Willful destruction of files, a Violation of law. . . Is HR 4000 dead. . . Take a bite out of crime. . .Marine cooks do it best. . .8th Annual Alliance meeting plans. . .View this here!

Updates on HR 4000 and who to contact to keep the valiant fight going; Rep. Dornan's Hearing focused on Korean War American POWs taken to the Soviet Union, and much, much more!

is finally here! Our little vacation is over and we are back! Was the Peterson nomination put on off? Was Rep. Peterson already in ambassador school....? Reps. Bob Dornan and Ben Gilman come out swinging for HR 4000 in separate "Dear Colleague" letters..... Dino Carluccio, Sen. Smith's Legislative Assistant makes some excellent points at the recent American Legion Convention.... When does Incompetence translate to cover up...? The POW Flag flies over New York's Executive Mansion; the Empire State Building goes yellow; all this AND MORE!

TWA 800 was brought down. The Olympic Games bombed--senseless tragedies that touch us all; Newt Gingrich thumbs his nose at the POW/MIA issue; Help on the Missing Service Personnel Act is needed; Clinton picks up unusual endorsement; Teaching remedial math to the Marine Corp.; Anthony Lake goes to an excavation site.

which discusses the Ambassadorship to Vietnam; Jesse Helms' role in such; McCain's Amendment to the Missing Service Personnel Act in the Defense Appropriations Bill and where to send your much needed letters; as well as some warm wishes to a family member and sympathy to another.

A report from the Alliance's which explains in details items discussed at this successful Forum!

which is packed full of information, including the fact that Slick Willie is at it again...