More than Names on the Wall

Formed in June of 1990, our founding members included World War II, Korean - Cold War, and Vietnam War POW/MIA family members frustrated by the U. S. government's lack of progress on the issue of our Prisoners of War and Missing in Action. The Alliance is the only family organization to represent POW/MIA families from all wars.

Early efforts of the Alliance spurred the formation of the U.S. Russian Joint Commission. Working with other POW/MIA groups, we supported legislation to declassify U.S. held intelligence on POWs and MIAs from all wars. While we have achieved limited declassification much more needs to be done.

Other legislation, supported by the Alliance, includes the Bring Him Home Alive Act of 2000, the Persian Gulf Accountability Act; better know as the Speicher Bill and the POW/MIA Flag Bill. All have been signed into law.

We continue to working towards the passage of resolutions (like H. Res 231 during the 113th Congress) calling for the formation of a Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs in the House of Representatives.

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Janella Rose, National Chairperson

Telephone: (406) 200-8218

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