Reliable Sources

(For some of the below referenced sources of information, they have been misplaced over time and are indicated by a strike thru, We will strive to locate these items and welcome anyone who may have a copy)

The POW/MIA searchable data base. You can use this data base to browse descriptions of documents held by the LOC. Many of these documents are now available online. For items not online, microfilm reels may be sent to your local library though the Inter Library Loan Program.

A website devoted to obtaining information from the Government thru the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) managed by our friend Roger Hall. Make sure to check out his speech during our annual meeting held in conjunction with Rolling Thunder.

A website dedicated to the missing and the families of those lost during the Korean Area - Cold War time frame. Please check out their site and see if for yourself.

A website ( devoted to the issue of our un-returned Korean War POWs. This site is the project of noted researcher and author Mark Sauter.

The Coalition of Families of Korean and Cold War POW/MIAs pursues answers to the fate of 8000 American soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors still missing-in-action from the Korean and Cold Wars. We are the families of the missing men … brothers, sisters, wives, children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. We assist each other in our individual searches, while helping to shape the nature and scope of the mission overall.

Do you have evidence about the fate of an American serviceman still missing from the Korean War, Cold War or Vietnam War? We’re a group of American journalists and experts seeking to uncover what happened to United States servicemen who were captured alive but never returned during these conflicts. Our focus, and that of many families of missing Americans, is on learning the fate of these men, not fixing blame on those who captured them during wars now long over.

An estimated 3 million North Koreans have perished under North Korea’s brutal dictatorial regime since the mid-1990's. Families continue to starve to death as the North Korean government withholds food rations to entire regions of the nation. The government arbitrarily detains, tortures, and executes its citizens, including children, in a large network of prison/labor camps. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have fled to China to survive, however they live in fear of forced repatriation, imprisonment, and possible execution after repatriation. Children whose parents have died or been separated from them wander the streets in search of food and protection. We must act now.

In this special edition of Frontpage Symposium, we have assembled a panel of four distinguished guests to reveal the tragic truth about what really happened to our POWs.