Due to recent current events, The National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing Service Members is focusing on "The Last Known Alive" Initiative. The Initiative is to provide America information on just that, "The Last Known Alive".

Service members of America's finest knowingly left behind...alive.

Rand Reports on POW/MIAs and Rescuing Downed Aircrew.

The Tech Newspaper (MIT): Nixon Defense Secretaries Say U.S. Left POWs in Vietnam (September 22, 1992)

Click here to see the original University Newspaper printed on September 22, 1992

To view Senator Bob Smith's “POW/MIAs Who May Have Survived in Captivity” List, from December 1, 1992, click here.

To View the Defense Intelligence Agencies List of Last Know Alive service members from February 7, 1996, click here.

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Vietnam War Era- An investigative reporter found the deposition of National Security Adviser in the Reagan Administration Richard Allen and hand written notes on an offer to sell live POWs for $4.5 billion. Please see the following documents found in the US Archives.

As an example, the "LKA" reports of 5 US aviators from Korea is among the most compelling of any conflict -- men confirmed alive by name after the Armistice was signed -- but not even being raised with the North Koreans: http://kpows.com/confirmedalivetheashleyfive.html.