Korea/Cold War

Korea/Cold War

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Shot down September 9, 1950, Air Force Major Sam Logan left a trail of his captivity, scratching his name and date of shoot down on a jail cell wall of the Pyongyang court-house in North Korea, along with the notation September 27, 1950. The most compelling evidence of Logan's capture comes in the form of this photo taken by the Soviets. Sam Logan, clearly a Prisoner of War, remains among the missing.

The Chinese Government, after years of denial, admitted American POWs, including Army Sgt. Richard Desautels, were taken into China. Did Richard Desautels die in April 1953 as the Chinese claim or was he alive in August 1953 as American POWs reported.

Were American POWs from the Korean War transfered to China and the former Soviet Union? Did North Korean hold back our POWs as they held back South Korean POWs?

American POWs in North Korea

American POW/MIAs in North Korean Hands & Questions Pyongyang Must Answer A Korean War POW/MIAs a White Paper.

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Wartime and Post-War documents discussing wartime POWs and servicment not returned at wars end. Read more.

The Web Pages of Laurence Jolidon

The National Alliance of Families is honored to present the web pages of Laurence Jolidon, a war correspondent, editor, researcher and noted author. Among Larry's books is "Last Seen Alive" which deals with the Korean War POW/MIA issue. Read more.

Were Korean War POWs Transfered to China and the former Soviet Union

Various documents and video detail evidence of POWs transferred to the former Soviet Union and China.

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Case Specific Information

Sam Logan, photographed by the Soviets never came home. Read about Sam, Richard Desautals, Roger Dumas and more....View the documents and photos

Ghosts of the Gulag

Why didn't you come for us In "The Land of Chains and Ice," Vorkuta, Lena River, Khabarovsk? "Zones of silence"....here and home, Rechlag's blood-stained ground. We ghosts of the Gulag whisper, Continue

U.S. Russia Joint Commission and the Joint Commission Support Directorate

Documents, including the 5th Edition of the Gulag Study, showing POWs from the Korean and Cold War were taken into China and the former Soviet Union. View the documents.


Various testimony presented during legislative and congressional hearings. View