Post Korean War Documentation


1954 Cable Marked Secret What John Foster Dulles Had To Say... "You may desire inform Soviets without revealing source that we have reliable accounts transfers POW's Manchouli..."

Office of the Secretary of Defense - September 16, 1955 The Chinese Communists should account to the U.S. for the ultimate fate of all 450 U.S. Armed Forces Personnel..." -- "The U.S. Should not be surprised, particularly in light of Japanese and German experiences with the Soviets in World War II , if a number of completely unrecorded Americans are ultimatley found to be alive or to have been alive and in Communist hands..."

Memorandum written by DPMO Analyst I.O.Lee on 3/26/96 with reference to American POWs from the Korean War.

Air Intelligence Information Report released to the National Archives in June 1997, is an extremely disturbing 44 page report showing American USAF personnel who were KNOWN to be POWs and awaiting repatriation at the conclusion of the Korea War.

Former POW Steve Kiba sees 15 Caucasian prisoner while held in China between January 1953 and August 1955... Ordered to forget....

1962 State Department letter to Senator Thomas Dodd, confirms existence of classified list of "United States citizens imprisoned in Communist Countries"

Soviet Defector reports U.S. POWs shipped to the Soviet Union.