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Rolling Thunder ®, Inc.'s major function is to publicize the POW/MIA issue. To help correct the past and to protect the future veterans from being left behind should they become prisoners of war-missing in action.

Rolling Thunder's Ride for Freedom website presenting information on the Annual Ride for Freedom. Now being held regionally to provide the experience across the U.S. of A.

Honoring American POWs and MIAs, Sponsored by Rolling Thunder Florida and Georgia Chapters.

Do you have evidence about the fate of an American serviceman still missing from the Korean War, Cold War or Vietnam War? We’re a group of American journalists and experts seeking to uncover what happened to United States servicemen who were captured alive but never returned during these conflicts. Our focus, and that of many families of missing Americans, is on learning the fate of these men, not fixing blame on those who captured them during wars now long over.

The Coalition of Families of Korean and Cold War POW/MIAs pursues answers to the fate of 8000 American soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors still missing-in-action from the Korean and Cold Wars. We are the families of the missing men … brothers, sisters, wives, children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. We assist each other in our individual searches, while helping to shape the nature and scope of the mission overall.

An all volunteer advocacy group of Korean and Cold War family members and concerned citizens seeking answer on our POWs and MIAs lost during the Korean and Cold Wars

The most complete database of Korean War POW/MIAs. In our opinion, one of the best sites on the internet.

If you are looking for documentation, and photos regarding the fall of Lima Site 85, this is the place to go. A great web site.

My name is Carol Hrdlicka and I am the wife of Col. David L. Hrdlicka. David has three children David, Denise, and Damian. David has four grandchildren Dillen, David, Dane and Chandler and one great grandchild Tobrecan.

David deserved much better from his government than to be left behind alive and in captivity because he was an inconvenience to the government and officials. Their rationale for this disgusting practice is that some have to be sacrificed for the greater good! The whole story is a very complex and convoluted one. History should be corrected to show the real truth of what happened to the POWs from WWII, Korea, and the Vietnam War.

It is a shame that the government officials lack the moral fiber or courage to do the right thing by our men. David had the misfortune to be captured in Laos, which the US government denied involvement.

So it should be no surprise that they left the men in captivity to cover themselves from public scrutiny. Once the lie was in place men’s careers were at stake! What a shame that a career is more important than a man’s freedom and life. David deserved to have his freedom and a life with his family.

This web page is to give the real and true facts concerning my husband’s case as the US Government has been putting out misinformation for years. I want the public to see some of the documents I have found over the years so they can judge the facts of who is telling the truth.

The American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor Memorial Society (ADBC-MS) represents surviving POWs of Japan, their families, and descendants, as well as scholars, researchers, and archivists. Our goal is to preserve the history of the American POW experience in the Pacific and to teach future generations of the POWs’ sacrifice, courage, determination, and faith—the essence of the American spirit.

We are a major resource for researching the American POWs of Japan and are the contact point with the US government on issues regarding this cohort. Our members are in the forefront of retrieving and identifying the remains of our POWs. We testify to Congress annually.

Our Annual Convention will be in Norfolk, VA from May 29 to June 1, 2019.

Largest collection of biographies on Vietnam POW/MIAs. These bios contain the most accurate information available on circumstances of loss. This site also houses the "Operation Smoking Gun" collection. Debuting on the World Wide Web on June 20, 1996, this collection contains over 1,400 documents for your viewing. This site is a valuable research resource.

We know that the only way that the valid lessons of a war are learned is if we can study the accurate history of that war. Our nation has too long been denied access to the factual history of the war, and we are undertaking to defend and publicize that history. This is our duty to the nation, and to our comrades who fell in that war.

In 1992, the authenticator Code of Major Peter Matthes was picked up on satellite imagery outside the Dong Vei Prison in Vietnam. The U.S. government responded to that call for help by burying Major Matthes and his crew mates. Buried with no remains and no evidence, this case is another example of the USG's creative accounting. Today his family continues to ask... where is Major Matthes. This site is a MUST see.

Promote the welfare of those who during service with United Kingdom or allied Forces were made Prisoner of War. Renew that spirit of comrade-ship known only between Prisoners of War.

A not-for-profit, Congressionaly-chartered veterans’ service organization advocating for former prisoners of war and their families.

Established April 14, 1942.

10,000 POW-MIA Black Balloons Will Be Released On Memorial Day 2011. You don't want to miss this tribute.

Excellent resource for World War II air losses and recoveries.

Lois Fritz founded New Freedom Farm in 2016 out of her personal understanding of PTSD and the relief she experienced through time spent in the midst of her horses. Located on 13 level acres in Buchanan, VA; the farm is home to 19 equines, including three mares & their foals saved from slaughter, a number of mini horses & mini donkeys, a hinny and a mule. Built on faith and determination, New Freedom Farm is dedicated to helping those who have served our country along with their families.

We have come together to take action and restore HONOR to our government by stopping the dishonor and holding them accountable.

A truly inspiring site. Testimonials from former POWs as well as POW Camp maps, overflight views of the POW camps and diagrams of the layout of the camps and prison cells.

We have come together to take action and restore HONOR to our government by stopping the dishonor and holding them accountable. Our government has abandoned young patriots in captivity and we have come together to gain the RELEASE of their person if alive or their remains if Killed In Action. We want the RETURN of the Missing and Fallen to their country, their home and their family.

Our mission is to honor the memory of American Veterans and Police Officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, to assist Veterans and Police Officers in their time of need and to promote community awareness through sponsorship and participation in various fundraising events.

What happens when an Air Force Veteran and highly awarded middle school department head teacher join forces? UNITING US

Uniting US, a nonprofit with the mission to inspire, empower, and unite military, veterans, their families and the communities in which they live through the arts. Founded by AnnMarie Halterman and Tiffany Wheeler