POW/MIA Family Members

"...But, when ye come and all the flow'rs are dying if I am dead and dead I well may be Ye'll come and find the place where I am lying and kneel and say an 'Ave' there for me..."

Mary Milliner

mother CWO William Milliner

Joseph Milliner

father CWO William Milliner

Lillian Van Wees

sister of PFC Ronald "Dutch" Van Wees - Korea

Charles Ray

father POW James M. Ray

Dolores Apodaca Alfond

sister of Capt. Victor J. Apodaca

Edward J. Rykoskey

father of L/Cpl Edward Jay Rykoskey USMC

Mary Matejov

mother of Sgt. Joseph Matejov

Evelyn Sowles

wife of Sgt. Lewis Sowles

Jack Fleckenstein

step-father of Cmdr. Larry J. Stevens

Dr. Teresa J. Vietti

sister of Dr. Eleanor Ardel Vetti

Ron Milliner

brother of CWO William Milliner

Annette Scungio

sister, Vincent Scungio

Jan "JV" Visconti

wife of Maj. Frank Visconti

Col. Earl P. Hopper

father of Maj. Earl P. Hopper Jr.

Erma Hasenbeck

mother of PFC Paul Hasenbeck

Connie Mangino

wife of Sgt. Thomas Mangino

Robert McDonald

uncle of Cpl. Gregory J. Harris

Jean Hall Press

daughter of, T/Sgt. Willis R. Hall

Shirley Donahue

mother of, Major Morgan Donahue

Patricia Plumadore

sister of, L/Cpl. Kenneth L. Plumadore

Patrick Cressman

brother of, Sgt. Peter Cressman

Kathryn E. Serex

daughter of, Lt. Col. Henry M. Serex

Thaddeus "Ted" Nidds

father, Sgt. Danny Nidds

Ruth Danielson

mother, Mark Danielson

Col. Vincent J. "Budd" Donahue

father, Morgan Donahue

Michael Skivington

brother, William Skivington

Jo Patterson

mother, Lt. James Kelly Patterson

Dovie Widner Huffman

sister, Sgt. Danny Widner

Rose Scungio

mother, Vincent Scungio

Courtenay Forman

mother, Cmdr. William S. Forman

William F. Forman

father, Cmdr. William S. Forman

Teri Rios Versace

mother, Humberto "Rocky" Versace

John Van Wees

father, Ronald Van Wees

Jane Duke Gaylor

mother, Charles "Bubba" Duke

Myrl Smith Preston

mother, James Preston

Jessie Curtis Preston

father, James Preston

Bereth Hubbs

wife, Donald Hubbs

Mary Hall

wife, Willis Hall

Dora Apodaca

mother, Victor Apodaca

Julie Thomas

wife, James Thomas

Betty Hopper

mother, Earl Hopper, Jr.

Evelyn Cressman

mother, Peter Cressman

Millie Mandra

mother, Philip Mandra

Robert Winters

father, David Winters

Johnny Widner

father, Sgt. Danny Widner

Harry Hastings

father, Steven Hastings.

Ann Curran

mother, Patrick Curran

Lucy Moore

wife, Thomas Moore

Deborah Robertson Bardsley

daughter, John L. Robertson

Rita Van Wees

mother, Ronald Van Wees

Marian Shelton

wife, Col Charles Shelton

Steven Matejov

father, Sgt. Joseph Matejov

Hazel Plumadore

mother, L/Cpl Kenneth Plumadore

Ann Carolyn Standerwick,

Wife of Col. Robert L. Standerwick

... and I shall hear, tho soft you tread above me, and on my grave will warmer sweeter be, for you will bend and tell me that you love me and I shall sleep in peace until you come to me...