Gulf War I

Gulf War 1991

By 1993, three servicemen remained unaccounted for as a result of the first Gulf War. They were:

Lt. Cmdr. Barry T. Cooke, U.S. Navy, was lost on February. 2, 1991, when his A-6 aircraft went down in the Persian Gulf.

Lt. Robert J. Dwyer, U.S. Navy, was lost on February. 5, 1991, when his FA-18 aircraft went down in the Persian Gulf

Lt. M. Scott Speicher, U.S. Navy, lost on January 16, 1991 when his FA-18 aircraft became the first shootdown of the war. Speicher was captured and died on an unknown date. His remains were discovered in 2009.

Update - January 17, 2011 - From Interview with Speicher family spokesperson, Buddy Harris.

Speicher Was Not Killed When Plane Shot Down

"The report dates back to Nov. 12, 2009 but was basically "glossed over" by the media, said Harris. Harris said Speicher was shot down 50 miles from a chemical weapons plant in Iraq. The forensic panel had more DNA tests run on Speicher's flight suit, which was found mostly intact in 1995. Again the DNA tests showed "no blood," Harris said, indicating the pilot did survive the crash.

It also shows new DNA testing on dental remains indicate Speicher could not have been killed Jan. 17, 1991, when he was shot down. The report does not pinpoint an exact day of death but uses the words, "homicide by undetermined means." Harris called the wording "interesting."

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