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Welcome to Bits N Pieces, the newsletter of the National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing Servicemen. Please note that any and all information contained on our pages are available for downloading and distribution. In fact, we encourage it.

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The last Bits for 1997. We would like to say goodbye but we cannot; this issue is still with us. We want to remind everyone that on December 9, the Korea Peace Talks start. We ask that you write your Senator and Congressman to demand that live American POWs are included in the Peace Talks. We wish each and every one a Happy, Healthy Holiday and prosperous New Year.

Richard or Robert; A correction...Jones under consideration...Project Birthday...Slipping the Lid on Pandora's Box...Honors to the Unknown...H.R. 2267 Departments of Commerce, Justice, and States, The Judiciary and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 1998...Thank you Senator Smith...This and more in the Thanksgiving Edition of Bits.

Did anyone ask Chinese President Jiang about Robert Desautels? Missed Opportunity. . .Laos Returns Remains. . . the remains could be those of Major Albro L. Lundy Jr. . .Lundy family stresses that these remains have been labeled as that of his father, but none of the articles or the remains have been verified. . .How did we do?. . Of 20 provisions contained in the "POW Accountability Act" (aka S755 and HR 409) our supporters were able to retain 13 provisions. . .Will the CIA provide analysis? . .Castle Memo re-written. . .Original disappears... Remains Identified. . .Nameless Hero's. . .Read on, this one should not be missed!

White House Snubs POW Offer...Nato Expansion Hearings Quiet on POWs...Nixon Tape transcripts...Memo for the SecDef...Nixon on Larry King Live...Kissinger too...Remains Identified.

White House Snubs POW Offer...Nato Expansion Hearings Quiet on POWs...Nixon Tape transcripts...Memo for the SecDef...Nixon on Larry King Live...Kissinger too...Remains Identified.

Sep 20, 1997

(Archive Document missing) "Though the years may pass and hopes flare and flicker, our resolve to rescue and account for all Americans, felled or held, remains a steady burning flame"...Dark Force a guest of honor...Bob Smith acknowledges there is more work to be done...Empire State Building goes 'yellow'...From the Hill; Legislative Updates...Presidential Certification Flawed...Immediate Action needed to retain senate language...S 755 caused serious damage by Dark Force...MFN for Laos brought to you by Dumb & Dumber...Call for POW/MIA Hearings...A Word of Thanks...Good News/Bad News...Change of Command at the JTF-FA...Pandora's Box.

We Mourn the Passing...Another Important Voice to be Silenced...Rubbing Salt in the Wound...Reorganization or...S 755 non-update...Plumadore, Judge, Berry, 3 of a kind or royal flush?

Ashley, Shaddick, Olsen, Turner, Beardall, Keene, Ishida, Harris, Dean, Sharman; What do all these people have in common?..OUTRAGE is the only word we can describe as to how we feel over the actions of General Wold...Time to shout back...Why those who do their jobs properly must be eliminated...More on Project X (DPMO Pay attention)...Reminder: S-755 still stands with 12 co-sponsors...New Congressional toll-free telephone number...This and More!

OK, so we didn't go on vacation, sue us...300 Family Members and former POWs sign group letter...NAF only PoW/MIA Family organization to send letter opposing MFN status for Laos...Remains Identified...Same old players, different scorecard...Commando's to be compensated...A new toll free number for Congress...House and Senate Conferees on Missing Persons Authorities Act (S 755) are listed together with their numbers and e-mail addresses (where applicable)...Someone please contact Lynn and Dolores and send meaning of the word VACATION!

Phone Number change...Push on Senate 755...Castle Memo & The F.B.I....Fox guarding hen house...Attention: SE Asia Tourists...Hanoi Misinforms...More on our NSC Document...We've truly gone fishin.

See you in August!

We mourn the passing of Bob Winters...Jane Gaylor get well..."Castle Memo", a message from Ann Holland...NAF urges family members to review their case documentation...We need to find family of Korea War POW/MIA John S. Smith...Albright goes to Vietnam...So does king of Hug N heal, Bob Mc Namara...Remains identified...Nows on Korea...NAF informs Korea War families on documentation found in N. Korea--where was DPMO?..News on the 8th annual Forum...Gone Fishin'!

The last one before the 8th Annual Forum...Updated speaker list including surprise guest...Korea-Cold War Families, please read...Urgently need China Documents...Court Decides against our friends of the Last Firebase...this and more!

The NAF Forum drawers near...We mourn the loss of Ann Curran...Rolling Thunder X, a huge success...Legislation needs help, NOW...We thank Ben Nighthorse Campbell...Remains Returned...Questions and more questions...Repressive Society-You decide...The US Envoy to Vietnam: To Web or not to Web...Mr. McNamara goes to Vietnam...Missed Opportunities...Next installment of 1985 memo evaluating Vietnam losses...this and more!

We mourn the loss of Millie Mandra...Erma Hasenbeck and Bob Winters are on the mend...North Korean's meet with Family Members...Dolores Alfond knows when to hold 'em, know's when to fold 'em...DPRK officials make startling acknowledgment...DPRK-US agree on 3 excavations...But what about Live POWs?..Remains ID'd...Next installment of the document relating to many POW cases...More on our 8th annual Forum...this and more!

USS Cook, named for famed POW Donald Cook, is christened...US Envoy to Vietnam to be sworn in April 29, 1997...HR 409 needs more pushing...How strong is opposition to POW legislation in the Senate?..US-Russian Joint Commission to meet in DC...NAF Joins with Operation Just Cause...They are not Forgotten...Document relating to many POW/MIA cases here...NAF Forum info...DPMO to brief Korea-Cold War Families...this and more!

The Deed is Done, Senate Confirms US Envoy to Hanoi. . . Who passed information to the Vietnamese that was directed to the US Senate? . . Senator Lott receives reply from Senate Intel Committee. . . Who Investigated the 735 and 1205 documents? . . . Please folks, help get Congress on HR 409. . .Remains ID'd. . .We need help with the 8th Annual NAF Forum. . .This and much more!

US Military back to Vietnam. . .Admiral Prueher and the Senate Armed Services Committee. . .US troops to 'train' in Vietnam? . .Anthony Lake Just Says No! . .Senate Confirmation of US Envoy to Vietnam on hold. . . HR 409 needs sponsors. . .Remains of US Servicemen identified. . .Our National Anthem written by a POW, McCain reminded. . .We Remember Them. . .Help needed for the NAF Forum.

Taps for General John Flynn.... No Testimony, No Ambassador. . .Vietnam Fumes over Envoy Delay.... Soviet Defector tells of Korea War PWs moved to Siberia. . .US & N. Korean Officials meet. . .Pennsylvania legislates the flying of the POW Flag on all public PA buildings. . .Remains Identified. . .No wrongdoing by DoD?. . .It's a Drag [Race]. . .240th Assault Helicopter Company is Looking For. . .Donations are needed. . .These stories and more!

A large portion of Bits is devoted to the fact that Lyndon Johnson wanted to know in May of 1964 whether or not the war was "worth fighting for". . .Senate Confirms Peterson, many committee members noticeably absent. . .Peterson will "do whatever possible" on PoW/MIAs and then moves on to American Business interest being at a dis-advantage because of the slow pace or normalization. . .Terms of Endearment; McCain-Sampley exchange greetings. . .RFA an "assault tool of the hostile forces"? . .HR 409 needs your help. . .Vietnam sends its Military to US. . .this and more!

Immediate Action Required to stop confirmation hearings. . .E-Mail Senators Jesse Helms, Craig Thomas and Fred Thompson FROM HERE. . .The United States for $ale? . .Remains of Captain James L. Huard identified. . .Looking for family of Korean War MIA. . A plea for help regarding the 8th annual NAF Forum. . .Strong evidence proving voter fraud in Dornan election?. . .This and more!

We wait for Honor..Jane Gaylor get well..Mr Kim and nationality question; another way for DoD to debunk?..Cambodian Documents and Yale..Bob Smith's IMPORTANT appointment..HR 409 needs a push..WWII remains en route home..Stored Remains, Yes, No or Maybe..Plutonium truth that can teach DPMO a lesson..Mortuary Affairs and Scare tactics..WANTED; Children of MIAs from the Vietnam War..They are not forgotten..8th annual NAF Forum...and more!

Ambassador to Vietnam. . .HR 409. . .McCain tests waters. . .Tooth Fairy [Tales]. . .Bob Jones gets the job done in New Hampshire. . Regional Family Meetings. . .8th Annual NAF Forum Meeting.

Happy New Year Everyone! . . Sympathies to Huffman, Miller-Johnston-Smith Families. . .North Koreans meet delegates. . .N. Korean defector lived with American & South Korean POWs? . .America's Cambodia Coda. . .Kiernan denies withholding POW/MIA material access. . .Laos- -Most Favored Nation Status? . .US Soldier dies in Hanoi. . .Voter Fraud in Dornan Election. . More on the Nixon Tapes. . .We're Looking For. . .POW Bracelets & Family Members. . .This and more!!!


There are not many people who do not understand the amount of work that goes into preparing web locations, or web sites. For documents to be out on the web you have to scan them and hope that the clarity is there. Many times you have to clean them of marks that were on them that the scanner picked up, but you didn't. Ink marks, pencil marks, doodles, folds in the page, etc. You have to experiment with cleaning them when the copy is bad as is the case in most documents retrieved from the Library of Congress--off of reels.


Put in excess of 1,400 documents, transcripts and information out onto the world wide web FOR YOU to use. Most of the documents that were put out on the P.O.W. NETWORK'S HOME PAGE were only declassified recently. They have been, as best as possible, out in chronological order and this location is one of the most comprehensive location for someone who is serious about finding some answers. This was no small feat. This was a combined effort of The POW Network, The National Alliance of Families, The Heart of Illinois and independent researcher's.

The information contained in Operation Smoking Gun was released all at once on the World Wide Web on June 20, 1996. The information is there, and it is there for you...


P.O.W. NETWORK'S HOME PAGE site of Operation Smoking Gun. Please visit this location.