Fax detailing denile


We reported on this fax in our Newsletter Bits N Pieces on March 22, 2003. Here's what we wrote:

"Skewing The Results- On February 20th, an anonymous fax was sent to the National Alliance of Families. Normally, such a fax are read with the roll of the eyes. In this case, however, the charges made are of such concern that we decided to investigate. Unfortunately, a well-placed source has confirmed the problems outlined in the fax."

"According to the fax and confirmed by our source, the Life Science Lab at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas is being denied casework. For those unfamiliar with the Life Science Lab, it is their job to analyze material recovered from excavation sites. They are the people who examine the scraps of cloth, the buttons, the pieces of metal and anything else recovered. Their findings are then included in the final report to the families." "According to the fax and confirmed by our source, JTF-FA management, not to be confused with the fine men and women out in the field, are either withholding casework or selectively submitting items recovered. According to our source, Life Science only reports on what is sent to them. They will not accept or report on photos of items. The item must be in their hands for evaluation." "So, why would JTF-FA management refuse to submit casework or withhold selective items from the Life Science Lab?

The simple answer is - another dumb move by those charged with accounting for our POW/MIAs. Failing to provide case work or withholding relevant artifacts, give the appearance of deception and leaves JTF-FA management open to criticism.

The more complicated answer, and certainly more disturbing is that there is a deliberate attempt, by JTF-FA management, to influence the outcome of a Life Science report, by withholding information and relevant artifacts.

We need to know if JTF-FA management is giving the appearance of deception or actively engaging in deception.

When we last spoke with our source, on March 14th, a resolution to the situation was expected but had not happened. This will be something we will be watching, closely.

Sadly, this fits in with another aspect of the POW/MIA issue, we are currently investigating. The families may not be the only ones that information is being withheld from.