Rolling Thunder 2007

MAY 27, 2007 Rolling Thunder Rally

At a “Ride for Freedom” rally, Rolling Thunder members and others talked about missing and fallen comrades, current military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and vowed to continue their efforts on POW/MIA issues. This event was held on a stage at the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Rolling Thunder was founded by motorcycle enthusiasts who were veterans of the Vietnam War.

To view the original C-SPAN web page and recording, please click here. The C-SPAN page goes into detail on those who were speaking with links to other C-SPAN POW/MIA Rolling Thunder recordings and some transcripts of the words spoken during the session. The video is 1 hour long.

Former Director of Research for the National Alliance of Families, Lynn O'Shea, begins to speak at 47 minutes into the video.