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Thousands of United States soldiers, sailors and Marines were taken prisoners of war (POW) by the Japanese in the Philippine Islands during WW2. The horrible treatment they received in Japanese POW camps is the subject of numerous books and articles, but not much about their death in the camps and now are buried as “Unknown” in our National Cemetery. Their mission is supporting the families who are actively trying to get their POW/MIA relative identified. They do this by genealogical research, identifying current descendants and providing contact information for DNA Family Reference Samples to get them identified and brought home. 

Follow their journey throughout the USA as they RV travel to tell their story of how they lived and died for our Freedom! Visit their Podcast and listen to their interviews with their families - Stories of Sacrifice https://www.storiesofsacrifice.org/ 

Or visit their YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/@RVTravelingMIAResearcher/about 

The Baron 52 MIA Mystery The Sgt Joe Matejov Story is a compelling and deeply researched podcast that delves into the events surrounding the mysterious crash of an EC-47 reconnaissance aircraft over Laos on 5 Feb 1973. The podcast focuses on the efforts of the family of Sergeant Joseph Matejov, one of the crew members on board, to uncover the truth about what happened to their loved one and the other members of the crew through historical research and expert interviews.  Through these interviews with military experts and government officials, the podcast reveals the extensive research and investigations that have been conducted over the years to determine the fate of the crew of Baron 52. It explores the challenges faced by the families in their quest for answers and the obstacles they encountered in obtaining information from the US government over the last 50 years.  Through this powerful and emotional podcast, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by those who served in the Vietnam War and the ongoing efforts to uncover the truth about those who never returned. 

"The Baron 52 MIA Mystery" is a tribute to the courage, dedication, and perseverance of the families and researchers who continue to seek answers and honor the memory of our missing loved ones.  Host's of this podcast:   John Bear, lead researcher of the US POW/MIA Family Locating and Stories of Sacrifice Podcast.    John Matejov and Mary Matejov Salzinger, siblings and Primary Next of Kin of Sgt Joseph Matejov who is the subject of this podcast.  361st TEWS Squadron family member, fellow researcher and Matejov family supporter, Heather Atherton. Heather is the daughter of Lt Michael Moore who was a pilot in the 361st TEWS Squadron (known as the "Front Enders" on the EC-47 aircraft. Heather is a board member of nonprofit “Legacies of War” an organization that educates the public about the American secret war in Laos and works to remove unexploded ordnances still impacting lives today. 

The National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing Servicemen  realizies we have misplaced our Baron 52 researh page and will be working diligently to rebuild it and making it available ASAP.  If you have any information regarding Sgt Joseph Matejov, Baron 52 or any other topic we can work to research and archieve for our MIA/POS Families, please reach out to webadmin@nationalalliance.org or info@nationalalliance.org.